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    Our products are as natural as the combination of ancient traditional knowledge and the evolution of science make possible. Our goal is to continually improve, discover new ideas and learn from your needs in order to create products that will be at your side all of the time. We have full control of the processing of the natural active ingredients of Arnica, Calendula and Hypericum by personally extracting the oil from the plant enabling us to provide the highest quality ingredients.

What our clients think about our products

  • Luwana Smith
    I love Fisiocrem and use it all the time.
  • FC CityLife
    All the players have loved using the cream and have vouched for its effectiveness in helping reduce swelling from injury and soothe their muscular aches and pains.
  • Rigel Pandit
    As an avid cricket enthusiast , I have played cricket for several years, when I turned 25 recently at the last of the year, this long cherished habit was endangered to an early demise as I developed a disc herniation, as I often found it difficult to carry out routine tasks, I was quite certain in my head of never being able to play any sports again ... but with constant assistance from my phsyio therapist I have once again been able to get back on the field .. during this gradual recovery phase, I found the use of Fisiocrem to be of great benefit, I speak on behalf of all the players which find its application to bring about great relief from a number of muscular problems...I myself, and the whole of Mumbai Vikings is thankful for their support!


Don’t let aches and pains stop you

Based on evidence of traditional use.

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