Three-time Olympian endorses natural solution for muscle aches and pains.

Three-time Olympic beach volleyballer and Sydney 2000 Gold medallist, Kerri Pottharst, understands the importance of using an effective and readily-accessible treatment.

Having sustained numerous injuries throughout her 22 year-long professional volleyball career, Kerri is an advocate for all things natural.

“While I’ve endured six knee surgeries, I’ve also experienced many less serious injuries common to weekend warriors, including muscle soreness, stiffness and inflammation.

“I understand the importance of relieving aches and pains with an effective, topical solution, and prefer to use products containing natural ingredients that are available from outlets where I am reassured of their quality and effectiveness, such as a pharmacy, health store or health professional,” said Kerri. 

“That’s why I use FisiocremSOLUGEL for effective and gentle relief from muscle aches and pains.”

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