Are you ready to run? 1, 2, 3 … Go!

"The act of running was integrated into my life cycle to be part of it, like the three daily meals, sleep, house chores or work." HARUKI MURAKAMI - "What I talk about when I talk about running" Congratulations! If you read this is that you have made or you are about to make the best decision of your life: integrate physical activity in your life and run. And just for that, we want to congratulate you. Why running? Running is not only to lose weight, get fit or meet a challenge, RUNNING MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD and that despite the stiffness, sore muscles or other pains ...

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Natural? For sure?

Many products are presented as "natural", but what is behind this expression? What is a natural product? The expression "100% natural" is real? At Fisiocrem, we are clear: our products are as natural as the regulation and current technology allow, and every day we strive to achieve perfection to reach the "100% natural". Today we are going to explain the truth behind the word "natural". There currently are no rules defining what a “natural” product is or how the word "natural" can be used when it comes to a consumer product. Manufacturing process Many ...

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Sustainability and social responsibility

Why putting our heart into making our products as natural, safe and effective as possible if we are not able to do the same for our packaging and thus minimize our impact on the environment? It's not just a good intention that goes with the wind or a marketing tool to enhance our brand image; it is an obligation, a necessity for survival. Sustainability is not just a pretty word The presence of the logo "Green Dot" on the packaging ensures that, once becoming waste will be recycled and appraised by the Integrated Waste Management System. This system helps us to ...

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