Sustainability and social responsibility

Why putting our heart into making our products as natural, safe and effective as possible if we are not able to do the same for our packaging and thus minimize our impact on the environment?

It’s not just a good intention that goes with the wind or a marketing tool to enhance our brand image; it is an obligation, a necessity for survival.

Sustainability is not just a pretty word

The presence of the logo « Green Dot » on the packaging ensures that, once becoming waste will be recycled and appraised by the Integrated Waste Management System.

Sostenibilidad y responsabilidad social

This system helps us to ensure that we limit our impact on the environment.

That’s why at Fisiocrem we also ensure that our suppliers of paper and cardboard all participate in the FSC program, a seal recognized worldwide for the environmental and social values that it guarantees: this certification is an guaranty that the use of forest resources does not imply their destruction; promoted by the Forest Stewardship Council, this certification also ensures that the paper comes from forests managed in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial way, maintaining traceability and chain of custody throughout the transformation process and manufacturing of the finished product.

Sostenibilidad y responsabilidad social1.jpg

To Fisiocrem, being natural is to be aware and responsible for the environment and sustainable development. If we all give a little of ourselves, we can achieve great challenges.

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