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    Mi a Fisiocrem-nél nap mint nap a tökéletesség eléréséért dolgozunk. Arra törekszünk, hogy olyan biztonságos és hatékony termékeket gyártsunk, amelyekben mind a hagyományos, természetes gyógymódok, mind pedig a modern tudomány legújabb felfedezései megtalálhatók. Célunk a folyamatos fejlődés, új ötletek megvalósítása és az Ön igényeinek megismerése annak érdekében, hogy olyan termékeket állítsunk elő, amelyek minden időben az Ön szolgálatára állnak. A növényekből az aktív hatóanyagokat nagy gondossággal vonjuk ki és a teljes gyártási folyamat alatt szigorú ellenőrzést gyakorlunk a növény szüretelésétől egészen annak a megtervezéséig, hogy Ön és családja hogyan használja a Fisiocrem-et és más termékeinket. Kérjük, tegyen velünk egy próbát!

What our clients think about our products

  • Belmore Physio And Hydro
    Highly recommend this product to my clients!
  • Annie-Paule Harris
    It works so well! I use it on my clients all the time!!!
  • Elizabeth Cromer
    This cream is incredible and should be renamed “magical cure everything” cream.... I have used it for everything from dermatitis, mastitis, earache, period pain, to haemorroids, minor burns, cuts, bites and even under the nose to clear the sinuses.... Magic cure all.....
  • Luwana Smith
    I love Fisiocrem and use it all the time.
  • Christine Meehan
    I was desperate to get my son some pain relief, he was hit by a car, multiple breaks in both legs and one arm, broken hip, fractured vertebrae, Fisiocrem was the only product that was compatible with the hospital drugs, because it is a natural product...The doctors laughed at me, said it would do nothing...They were wrong, it has and continues to give my son immense relief, I rub it in to his feet, legs, lower back and neck every day, I would recommend Fisiocrem to anybody.....
  • FC CityLife
    All the players have loved using the cream and have vouched for its effectiveness in helping reduce swelling from injury and soothe their muscular aches and pains.
  • Scone Inspire Health
    Why is that so many people hate taking pain relief? I’m definately one of “those” people. I’ll hang off and off, but in hindsight I’d wish I’d use it earlier. So after tossing and turning last night until 3:30am with sciatic pain, it *dawned* on me to rub some Fisiocrem in. Oddly enough, after 20 minutes I blissfully drifted off to sleep again and woke this morning with no remnants of sciatica. THANKYOU Fisiocrem, a perfect solution for muscular / nerve pain. I just wonder why didn’t I take action earlier. And in most cases, they are safe for everyone to use. Lesson learnt! Karen xo
  • Rigel Pandit
    As a avid cricket enthusiast , I have played cricket for several years, when I turn 25 recently at the last of the year, this long cherished habit was endangered to an early demise as I developed a disc herniation, as I often found it difficult to carry out routine tasks, I was quite certain I my head of never being able to play any sports again ... but with constant assistance from my phsyio therapist I have once again been able to get back on the field .. during this gradual recovery phase, I found the use of Fisiocrem to be of great benefit, I speak behalf of all the players which find its application to bring about great relief from a number of muscular problems...I myself, and the whole of Mumbai Vikings is thankful for their support!



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