The new Fisiocrem Solugel: SAME SPIRIT, JUST BETTER

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Fisiocrem, a reference in innovative and effective solutions for the body to move freely and naturally, launches the renewed Fisiocrem Solugel, with a playful family image and a more comprehensive label to better convey its brand values, maintaining its formulation and effectiveness.

To do what you really want to do, Fisiocrem continues to offer physical well-being to people so they can better enjoy the moments that matter. In other words, to be always physically prepared, to face the day-to-day family moments, professional and sports activities that make you feel good and alive.

With its new image, Fisiocrem has modernized its rainbow arrow and incorporates the image of the family characters the product is intended to; all these elements symbolising movement, energy and the knowledge of the body, always maintaining its characteristic bright purple signature colour.

Fisiocrem Solugel is made with natural active ingredients for the most effective massage solution for use on tense and contracted areas: Arnica montana, Hypericum perforatum, Calendula officinalis, and Melaleuca alternifolia, along with natural preservatives and excipients, keeping a clean and green formulation.

Its packaging is softer to allow Fisiocrem lovers to enjoy it until its last drop.

Application: First help at home, work, or everywhere you are, there is no limit of use, so you can apply as many times as necessary. Take a generous amount and massage lovingly into the tense and contracted areas as required. It is quickly absorbed, non-greasy so it doesn’t stain clothes.

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