What story does a packaging tell you?

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We’re used to seeing the same signs and same logos on the packaging of the products we buy every day. But do we really know what they mean? What do we have to look to make sure we buy a product that gives us all the guarantees of quality we seek?

A product is not good only for being advertised as “natural”. Other requirements are necessary such as information about the origin of the ingredients we use, but the packaging and sealing are also important.


Nowadays even products for sale in supermarkets are hermetically sealed, either with an external plastic or inside with a film attached to the hole of the container.

These elements are not only to ensure that the product purchased has not been previously used but also guarantees sterility, microbial defense and the actual expiration date from first use; a non-sealed container does not guarantee sterility and talking about a health product such as a topical cream, it is an essential guarantee.

Another important symbol to look for on a container is the PAO symbol (Period After Opening), a graphic symbol that identifies the useful life of a cosmetic product from its first opening. It represents an open jar of cosmetics which shows a number of months or years.

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It is also important to verify that the packaging clearly shows an expiration date along with a batch number to ensure traceability at all stages of marketing.

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