How to keep your joints healthy longer

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We all want to be more active, more often and longer. Therefore, we have to take care of our body and especially what keeps us going: our joints.

How does a joint work?

A joint is the point of contact and insert between two bones.

The joints of the knee, hip and shoulder are typically regarded as the most important joints of our body, and are all built differently to provide in every part of our body a good relationship between mobility and stability.

Joints are formed by different types of cartilage, fibrous connective tissue resistant to weathering, and ligaments.

Tips to take care of your joints

The joints must balance two opposing forces: stability versus mobility. So they have to be well lubricated to keep bones moving smoothly.

Avoid overweight subjecting joints to increased pressure, preventing their mobility and increasing wear, which increases the risk of osteoarthritis.

Exercise every day. Physical activity helps strengthen muscles, which promotes cartilage health. Walking every day is a great way to maintain healthy joints.

To help flexibility and ease of movement of joints, and to delay the passage of time, FisioOral gives you all the nutrients your body needs to accelerate joint reconstruction and prevent wear of the connective tissues.

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