Natural? For sure?

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Many products are presented as “natural”, but what is behind this expression? What is a natural product? The expression “100% natural” is real?

At Fisiocrem, we are clear: our products are as natural as the regulation and current technology allow, and every day we strive to achieve perfection to reach the “100% natural”.

Today we are going to explain the truth behind the word “natural”.

There currently are no rules defining what a “natural” product is or how the word “natural” can be used when it comes to a consumer product.

Manufacturing process

Many manufacturers purchase a “recipe” to an outside laboratory for a product already done, a bit like a “white label” and add their name to it.

Many products have the same ingredients or so it seems … but the real secret to a product that works as Fisiocrem resides in the current formulation, the balance between plants, the concentration of each element, and years of experience.

The Fisiocrem formula is ours. We’ve developed it, improved it, and implemented it in an ongoing process that began over 30 years ago.

We choose a collaborative process in the production chain, making sure that each step is given according to our requirements:

• constant level of active ingredients: we control the origin of the plants we use, the geographic origin of the plant influences the level of active ingredients that it contains

• harvested at the right time: the level of active ingredients differs according to the time of year a medicinal plant is harvested; we pay a genuine attention to the natural cycle of the plant to get active principals at their best

• preservation of the plants: plants are manipulated following a process that guarantees the preservation of its assets

• extraction techniques: the extraction of active ingredients is a very delicate time of the production process and that’s our secret…

• cream manufacturing and packaging: with all the scientific and pharmaceutical guarantees necessary to the development of a high quality product

We could not be more proud of our products and we want you to enjoy them as much as we do.

We cannot be perfect but working hard, we can approach perfection…

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