Fisiocrem Solugel 60 ml


The “on-the-go” Fisiocrem tube!

Always have Fisiocrem in the medicine cabinet for the hurts of the whole family, in your gym bag for use before and after training, or in the suitcase to travel mindfree.


Fisiocrem Solugel is a soothing massage rub to care for use on tense and contracted muscle areas like the neck, shoulders, back and so much more.

Massaging Fisiocrem Solugel into the tense and contracted areas leave them feeling refreshed and revitalised. Fisiocrem Solugel ingredients (Arnica, St John’s Wort, Marigold, Tea Tree) leave a soothing sensation of wellbeing on any occasion.

Non-greasy, it doesn’t stain clothes and it’s quickly absorbed.

INDICATIONS: Suitable for children age 6 or above. Try for yourself and feel the results on your own body.

APPLICATION: Take a generous amount of Fisiocrem Solugel (5ml) and massage into the tense and contracted areas. Use Fisiocrem usually 2-3 times per day, or as often as required.


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